I Want to Know

Should I feel guilty for porch
afternoons beneath mimosa fragrance
and magnolia blooms

for hummingbird whizzing
and wind chime songs?

Should I have shame for my beneath-
the-bush lazy cat and red geranium
pot swan, for shady side streets
swept by westerly breezes?

When Iran and Iraq are bombing,
when a hundred other places fight
and California is hot? When England
is flooded and bees die?

Should I dig a hole, hide
and wait for trumpets,
or just teach a child to read,
then give thanks for my corner
while it still exists?


4 thoughts on “I Want to Know

  1. Guilt only within the mind. On such a day so beautiful and tranquil as you so poetically described.

  2. I just found these my sister and I I’ll enjoy each one with your voice in my head and share with sweet friends as I go Addie Mae❤️

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