Hillbilly Days Festival

Peep o’ daylight

we lit out 

to the West Virginia border,

to Deedie Moe’s trailer

at the foot of a Kimper mine;

we stayed the night,

slept on the floor,

cause he ain’t got beds

to speak of.

We woke with coal dust

caked in our noses

and fog in our eyes,

then climbed into trucks

and rode on over to Pikeville

to put on a show for tourists,

what come to the mountains

to see

an endangered species.

6 thoughts on “Hillbilly Days Festival

  1. Identified with this one. Where I began teaching, we had “Hoot’n Hollerin” This was a hillbilly gathering on the square of town. City people would come from miles away to be a part. Bed and outhouse races–one of those bring your pet pig parades–the whole nine yards
    the birth of a poem…

  2. “Hoot’n Hollerin”

    I would LOVE that. I love the Hillbilly Days Festival. We have one here in my hometown that celebrates the day Jesse James robbed the First National Bank…hahaha…um…don’t ask. I’ll post a poem about it. Oh, the bed and outhouse races…how about bloomers flags? I guess y’all had some of those too. It’s a lot of fun and it gives the tourists something to think they saw. I want to read that poem when you’re done with it. I’m coming over to your site to look for it, too.

  3. I am in the birthing stage on that site, but will be adding some more asap. Jesse is a home town boy-well same state–know all about him. He is celebrated everywhere–the folk hero hing I guess.

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