2 thoughts on “success

  1. Nochipa

    I am reminded of the Persian poet khayyam
    and middle eastern poetry in general
    where the pot and the potter are metaphors
    for the creator and the created

    this becomes interesting
    as to what fills a pot or even the shape of pot
    is the pot used by life or sits to the side on a shelf

    in your work the pot assumed it is made from gold
    and cracks
    thus revealing a metaphor for vanity
    the pot has externalized with no thought to what may be an inner purpose
    or indeed what the potter intended for it

    I like this few words big meaning

  2. Thank you, Jack.

    I like few words, big meaning, too. Sometimes I am guilty of many words and little meaning. I hope not too often. Thank again for your kind and wonderful comment. I have always been fascinated by pottery, it’s beauty, its frailty.


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