Belle of Louisville


I lean over the rail,

watch the red paddle wheel

stir water to a froth,


throwing mist and October air

blown down from Indiana

into my face.


Sometimes steam blinds me

and smells of old pipes,

like a laundry.


On deck number two

they’re playing rag time

and I think of New Orleans


how I’ve never been there

and of the Titanic which

had no steam but a grand staircase,


then of a book I read

about a steam boat captain

and his red head bride.


I live there

in ball room dance days

and Mark Twain memories


until a student asked,

“Teacher, you got a quarter?”

2 thoughts on “Belle of Louisville

  1. connetta – ohio backroads – I was born Dec 30th 1952..I live in Ohio...i'm married ( 40 years- this time around) two children ( boy and girl in their 40's).., 5 grandchildren. if you stop by please leave a note so i can find your blog too... I especially love meeting people who don't write poetry but enjoy reading poems as well as others like myself..poetry came into my life as a child and never stopped budging me to write them down. I collect them in ink. This blog is a collection of my poems and pictures taken on the ohio backroads. if you find me a stranger my you leave as a friend.
    connetta on said:

    Loved this poem…

  2. Darlene Franklin-Campbell – Appalachia – I am a poet, novelist and artist living in Appalachia. I believe we are great spiritual beings on a journey through this physical realm and we each have gifts to share along the way.
    nochipa on said:


    Thank you so much. You are kind, coming from you, a wonderfully gifted poet and artist [your photography is outstanding] your words mean so much.


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