On Thinking of a Fairy Tale


Glass slipper sits on my desk


for a prince to bring its mate.

I know

fairy tales are not really

for frogs;

princesses never get found

in grime

unless it’s to sell them to


2 thoughts on “On Thinking of a Fairy Tale

  1. Nochipa

    there is a line by Dylan
    he sings
    in this age of fiberglass i’m searching for a gem
    and so it is

    one of the odd things about climbing to the top of the mountain
    is we get to see how things are
    we assume our new understandings will join us with other people
    but they don’t it separate us and we walk alone
    it is one of life’s ironies

    you are rare and as always your work creates thought


  2. Jack,

    Thank you. Your words come at the perfect moment. I posted this poem on three poetry forums. Over thirty people looked at it, commented on it and praised it. I think maybe 2 actually understood it or identified with it. Thank you for that line from Dylan. That was exactly how I felt after reading all of those comments.


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