I searched for you when I was young
among yellow weeds and oil wells
beyond cliff edges and found you
buried beneath brown leaves
with mushrooms and black earth

I sat with you amidst mossy trees,
birch and sycamore above the creek,
stealing away chore time hours
just to hear your voice,
soft as bird songs,
strong as thunder,

I whispered my love
while lying there in ferns
staring up at you
feeling you

Now, they tell me
you were never real
because they can’t see you,
but I think
maybe they are blind.

4 thoughts on “Adoni,

  1. Nochipa

    fennel and lettuce wheat and barley
    grown in the gardens of Athenian woman who belong to the mysteries
    to remind them of how quick the passing is of his life and beauty

    I was recently at his birthplace considered to be Smyrna
    it’s a sad place I looked and passed through quickly
    Greek ghosts both ancient and modern linger in this place now called izmir

    I like this work
    I like all the suggestions the subtle feelings the work engages in
    gods die when they are forgotten which is why most people don’t see them
    reality is an interesting concept for most it’s a consensus
    but you see beyond this veil hence my mountain comments

    since I last commented everything went wrong
    severe thunderstorms and rain
    my server keeps going down
    my tendon snapped in my ankle again [in a cast now removed]
    and to boot I ended up with a middle ear infection that closed my eye
    nose and swelled up the gland s in my throat
    just to let you know I had not forgotten you or your work
    as odd as all the above might sound


  2. Jack,

    Thank you so much for your words. I love especially this from you:
    gods die when they are forgotten which is why most people don’t see them
    That line is a poem itself.
    I hate to hear about your server being so messed up but especially about your ankle and that horrible middle ear infections. Those things can be just awful! I hope you are better soon and that the thunderstorms will wane.


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