Internet People

In a place
I’ve never seen,
across an ocean
and a couple of continents,
you live among temples
and dark-eyed children
married to
an Asian queen
with warm copper skin,
a voice of porcelain bells,
and soft tiny feet

or maybe
you live alone
in an outback desert
with west winds
combing your hair,
biting your back,
refusing to let you
forget where you’ve been.

A man or a woman,
you’re a mystery to me
in a world I’ll never see
and still, mostly,
I just wonder

what you look like,
the color of your hair
if you have any.
To one born without sight
it wouldn’t matter
but because I was not
I can’t see you
when I close my eyes.

5 thoughts on “Internet People

  1. Nochipa

    this is breathing in work followed by a sigh
    it’s languid
    at ease with feeling as your eyes look out and cross beyond the invisible
    till shape takes form
    the poems lines and suggestions of places are beautiful
    as are the images it creates
    the last two lines that turn the image inside out
    are like rain drops tapping on the window pane


  2. Nochipa
    Ah, the power of the poet’s mind to create, to believe, to close their eyes and see what others can not. This is a good one. S3 is perhaps the only weak link, but will still work w/o a revision. Up to you.


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