I Dreamed of Heritage



I felt your hand

on my shoulder

last night


as we looked

over the land

grown up with weeds

briers and trees.


We stood

side by side,

knowing the fight

that lay before us,


to find Daddy’s treasures

before the fire consumed them

and bring them safely home.


As we rambled over hills

and raced through valleys

my foot got stuck in hole; I fell.


Flames licked at me,

would have engulfed me

if you had not turned back

and stretched out your hand.


You pulled me up

even though I smelled of smoke

again we ran, our bags heavy

and filled with treasures,


home was just beyond

the mist.


4 thoughts on “I Dreamed of Heritage

  1. Nochipa

    a work that touches the heart and memory without giving in to sentimentality
    when things occur in the invisible there is always a ting that lets a person feel its reality
    and this is different from mere imagination of such things


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