If somebody doesn’t hold hands
and walk over the water
this bridge will fall

and all of yesterday’s beauties
will have been reduced
to lusty descriptions

wroth by deprived souls

walk with me
in winter moonlight
and catch crystal breaths
in your hands.


where simplicity smiles

where control fizzles

where desires end


is where

freedom beings.

5 thoughts on “Aftermath

  1. Nochipa
    The 1st and last stanza are great! The last has power. Knowing your voice and other work I am curious about “wroth” and “amore”
    Also the 2nd stanza is a bit of a mystery, I believe I get it one one level, but–. Great title . Not really asking you to explain–just giving you something to ponder.

    I put a new on up, Ragged Angel–similar to my Casting Shadows–must be a theme.

  2. Thanks, Scot,

    I really relish the chance to explain so thank you for asking. I hope you will endure while I spill my little soap box sermon. haha.

    When I wrote this I had recently come from a visit to one of the poetry boards where what passed for romantic poems was just one leg swinging piece of erotica after another and to me erotica [or porn poetry] and romance poems are two entirely separate things. Yet, on boards they are often treated as one and the same. I am of the belief that a person can write a love poem and never discribe a single body part. So, in my moment of frustration I thought maybe they wouldn’t know love it it hit them up side the head! I decided to choose a less accusing word and went with Amore. I guess I was subconsciously thinking that a latin sound would soften the blow. haha.

    So, back to my soap box [if someone wants to write erotica, I think it should be called that and not love or romance] So, stanza two refers to all of the works of the romance poets, artists and actors who have gone before, who relied upon their ability to create a mood without reverting to bedroom descriptions. {In my humbe opinion, for whatever it’s worth, it takes far more skill and tact to do so.}

    So, while it is a slight departure from my normal voice, I had hoped that amore and wroth would make people just stop for a second to wonder and maybe notice what I am really saying.

    Thank you so very, very much for commenting on this one and for stopping to wonder.


  3. Nochipa
    I suspect they will be too caught up in the act or assessing body parts to stop and wonder what you really mean. Your last stanza is a wonderful love poem back in your voice.
    Thanks for the explanation–makes sense. I have seen some of these”love poems” at a board—more silly I would say..and to think they keep writing these. It has been harder and harder to find to find a good board…

  4. Thank you, Opoetoo,

    to have someone trust my poetic voice
    is humbling, like having someone trust me
    with their children.

    Thank you.

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