Learn to be Still


[The Flute, pencil 2001, by Nochipa D.]


the dry grasses whisper

as I walk by,

“Make your steps

soft so you can hear the wind

breathe through us

like lips upon a flute.”

“Sit for a while,

over there

under the juniper tree

and remember the smell

of warming February earth.”

12 thoughts on “Learn to be Still

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  2. Scot,

    Thanks ever so much! Yes, it is my art. I really enjoy sketching and painting.


    Thank you. Sometimes, it is as if nature is trying to speak to us I think.


  3. I choose to put the flute picture here because of its simplicity, a simple instrument being passed from one hand to another, like the metaphorical songs of our lives. I think pencil and charcoal are the most honest of art mediums because they are the most basic.


  4. Ozy,

    The wind is just as you say.


    That would be wonderful, a flute from father to daughter, but my dad only plays the guitar and not too well at that, but he has handed me many songs.


  5. Hey
    going back to a previous poem/conversation about daddy poems…seven swings for seven children…would that be a poem/flash fiction –maybe a flash poem with pics/music and a reading of… or what?

  6. Thanks Rick,

    That means a lot coming from you, seeing how your art is so excellent.

    I enjoy drawing very much and although I paint murals for people and do paintings from time to time, there is something so honest and earthy about drawing, something so raw, that it feels like an extension of myself.


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