Child I Paint

Sometimes I write poems

for sounds alone

of wind, of grass

and water rolling

over stones.

Other times I write

for the beat of my heart,

to tell you that I feel,

that I breathe,

that I love,

 love you

more than words

of any sounds can say.

11 thoughts on “Child I Paint

  1. I think this is simplistic in nature and beautiful by definition. Since I have started this off with cliches–“for the beat of my heart” is really not needed. W/o it this is still a wonderful piece–my 2 cents. Title is perfect too! 🙂

  2. I love minimalism; in life, wordpress themes, and as you just treated me perfectly with, in poetry too! It says so much more than what verbosity ends up doing (like mine).
    Gorgeous, this;

    But personally, though, I am caught in a stretchy dilemma. I write and play around with words, yes. But music being my primal passion and love, it is that my heart orients to the moment I try to write these days. They say you can truly ever pursue only 1 art form in your life; and here I am, not entirely ready to give up either on writing or on photography, or on so many other things for that matter; while I know that my 1 art form, if 1 is all there is, is music.

  3. Scot,

    Thank you so very very much. When I wrote this I sat and thought about the heart of poetry, about why I write it in the first place, about why I’ve always written it and I realized that it has never been to impress, to be recognized, but to share what I see, hear and feel in the world and sometimes, simply to tell the people in my life what they mean to me.

    Um…I think you are right about the phrase “beat of my heart”…thanks so much.


  4. Ozy,

    Thank you.

    With so little, you have said so much…I think the answer for me is “no”. I suppose there are some who write to be published. I write and then sometimes I happen to “get published”, but that is never the reason I write.


  5. Sumedh,

    First, thank you so much for coming to my blog and reading my work.

    Second, I checked out your writing and your photography…I think you are splendid at both artforms.

    Like you, I cannot choose just one “art form”. I write. I paint/draw, and I play a couple of musical instruments. I would not consider myself a good musician, but I so enjoy it. I have done these things since childhood. So, perhaps, we should say that our one form is “communicating”, because all of them are avenues to let others “see” another reality.

    I so loved your comments.


  6. Don’t get to your website as much as I should, Nochipa. It’s a beautiful place to be. It’s like going to church, or following a forest trail in Vermont–spiritual and natural beauty.

    All I have is a place at MySpace. If you want to visit there it’s: Take care, see you at Ars Concordia.

  7. Jo-Ann,

    My dear friend, it is GOOD to see you here. I will definitely come visit your space. Thanks so much for your kind words. I love your beautiful kind spirit.


  8. There is something so zen about the first five lines, that I delight in reciting them like a mantra, over and over. Now there is something cathartic in that, and I thank you. 😉 Cheers.

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