Five Years and a Day

When my words fade
to archives, covered with dust
then I will be as a spider web
wet with autumn dew
which holds the world
in its moment but melts
before winter’s dawn.

Dragons and hawks
blue damselflies and golden eagles
shall look for me
but I will be far away,
trekking the backwoods,
unearthing forest treasures

for five years and a day.
Then the circle will bring me
here again, to see what still exists
and who strolls this garden.

I suppose I will come
in my bare feet, but can’t say
where I will be in five years
and one day.

6 thoughts on “Five Years and a Day

  1. Now this is simple phenomenal, you know; a really fabulous work of poetry; i’ve read two of yours, now, and really am looking forward for some time in my hands so that i can dig through your archives!

  2. the second stanza is wonderful–i like the imagery throughout. the title and the third stanza refers to “and a day”
    except the last line “and one day
    i was suspecting a day–seemed to throw it off a bit–shouldn’t have, but made me stumble. Just might be the big feet!
    with that said–it is a very good poem–many levels/great word choice!

  3. Good point, Scot. I doubt it’s big feet, haha…I guess I really should decide on “a day” or “one day” and go with either one or the other. Thank you very much.

    On another note, it seems that Golden Apples did not take off well and that the best feedback on poetry [for me] takes place via the blogs. I think I like the blogs better than most poetry boards anyway. At any rate, I think I will dismantle the Golden Apples and just continue blog poetry.


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