My Daughter

You love redbuds, dogwoods

and woodland iris,

flowers of spring,

time of your birth,

the birds and waters

of this brook,

the fern carpet

and lacey canopy,

with wood nymph

and fairy likeness


you skip these stones,

leaving behind your winter

and embracing



These brilliant looks at spring time in Appalachia are photos by my lovely, talented daughter. She has a simple camera but does wonderful things with it.


6 thoughts on “My Daughter

  1. Thanks, Scott. I was so amazed with the colors. They’re real. It was such a bright day.

    Rick, she really does. Thanks so much.

    Ozy, I agree that it is the eye.


  2. brelatisy,

    Thanks so much. I don’t really put current or clear photos of my loved ones online. I peculiar that way. I perfer to paint them with words.


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