Dragon’s Heir


Kamna, protaganist in my novel, Dragon’s Heir. Painting by me.

I know that I usually post poetry here. Actually, this is the first non-poetry piece I’ve put on this site, but I’m excited. I have news and I want to share it with my fellow poets and friends. I’ve been working on a fantasy novel for ten years. I won’t go into details but I got a call from the publishing company today and it’s going to be published. I’ll tell you more as time goes along but suffice it to say that finally, after ten years of research, my fantasy novel is going to be shared with other human beings. I am not worried about fame or even making a lot of money off my book. My main goal is to SHARE MY STORY WITH ANYONE WILLING TO READ IT.

Dragon’s Heir is a story about breaking generational curses and self-determination in a world that seeks to define a person and squeeze him into a preset mold. I’ll be sure and let you all know when the novel makes it into print and it’s available online from Amazon.com and other companies. In the meantime, I covet your best wishes, and if I’m a little more scarce that usual it is because:

 1. I’m preparing the book and doing edits.

2. I’m working on  a Master’s degree.

3. I’m involved in family things.

4. I’m honing my skill at playing the banjo.

While I probably won’t be on forums very much, I do plan to be here on the blog and to visit friends’ blogs as often as I can.