knowing of tornadoes in sister states

dance in this rose day sun

scented with fushia blooms

and locust perfume


feel wind’s fingers

through chestnut locks

and hear her sweet songs

in newborn maple leaves


for somewhere else

her anger left homes 

in splinters and children buried

in rubble



6 thoughts on “knowing of tornadoes in sister states

  1. For me, it’s more than the literal wind; it makes me think of two individuals having opposite perspectives of the same thing. 😉 A poem with much possibilities to explore. Thank you for its wisdom shared. Cheers.

  2. Thank you, Cynthia.

    Here the wind has been gentle and the temperatures beautifully summer but for the states north of us, west of us and just south of us, it’s been nightmarish. I’m thinking about the folks in the midwest right now and a few weeks ago in Arkansas and other states.

    Thanks, Rick!

    S.L., thanks and absolutely, it could be two people with opposing views. I like that take on it.

    Thanks, Scot.

    I know these terrible storms have been going on since late winter and every day that we have a cotton ball blue sky here I turn on the television or radio or internet and learn that somewhere has suffered a deluge.


    Thank you so very much.


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