Reflections on a Conversation with a British New Ager

 Bright tryst and lover’s mist
 he grasps with his mind.
Spiritual, he says,

one with the universe,
just a child of love,

declaring I AM god
with a little “g” and there
is none with a capital

except one made
in human minds,
and the pronoun HE

is inadequate to describe
the maker of the sunset
which was us, then,

before we put on flesh suits
and wallowed in neediness.
So, I ask him,

“Why is it so hard to believe

in The Great Spirit who loves?”

His answer: vague,
dubious, no up or down,
no absolutes, he says.

I think it is because
if he knows
God to be God,
then, he, the “spiritual one”

is no more enlightened
than the rest of us













8 thoughts on “Reflections on a Conversation with a British New Ager

  1. Great poem, Nochipa. You put your idea together succinctly. And that’s the thinking of so many people today, New Age. Just what Satan told Eve, “You will be like God.” Why should Satan get a new act, when that one’s still working?
    Thought I’d say “Hi” on your website, practically no one comes to Ars Concordia anymore. If you want to say hi back, I’m at Doubt if I’ll ever have my own website, not in this century. Even though I have a link to a storefront, my novella’s not for sale right now. I’m trying to revise it, and not getting it right. Colin is too busy to do it for me, it seems. Or he’s angry at me because I didn’t like the makeover on his website.
    Have a great Thanksgiving!

  2. Claw and Joan,

    Thank you both so very much. I appologize for my delayed response! I do hope you both have a wonderful holiday season and that you come back to visit me here sometime.


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