What I Love About Flower

Purring vibrations under my hand,

my fingers touching

silk hair, angora, I think,

this creature has no motive

save affection and food.

He has no pretense

other than the

black and white coat

with which he was born.

4 thoughts on “What I Love About Flower

  1. What a nice tribute – I haven’t written for my cat, perhaps I should sometime.

    Dakin (dakinpoetry.wordpress.com)

  2. oh, beautiful. just what I love about your poetry; you say things, with a simple imagery and a few words, what leave the reader inspired and transcended and more aware…

  3. We have five critters (not including fish). First and foremost amongs them all is Rocco, and big orange cat. Within the last month or so Rocco has been pretty damn close to dead. Got bit by a coral snake, then found to have feline Leukemia, heart disease, tumors and a myriad of other condiitons. It is something to be honored when a cat walks on your head ion the middle of the night,eh

  4. Hi Dakin,

    Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words. Flower is such a spoiled cat. He plops his fat, furry body in my lap every time I sit down to write. I think he’s addicted to the sound of clicking keys. Every time he does it I think of T.S. Eliot so I had to write one for him.

    Thank you, Sumedh,

    Your words are so kind always.


    Poor Rocco! I hope he is doing well now. You are right. It is an honor when a cat walks on your head!

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