4 thoughts on “Hillbilly Prayer

  1. wow. amazing. and you’re a painter too!! All your work is just so utterly beautiful! Lovely!

    And the ending of your verses are always so powerful — I wished to say that even for your previous post.

    Talent always shines with many faces, for those who care to polish it!


  2. Sumedh,

    Thank you so much. Some of my earliest memories are of reproducing the world around me through whatever “thing” I could get my hands on to do so. Poetry, art and nature were my best friends when I was growing up. Mind you, I knew no great poets or artists, nor did I study them. I merely produced what was somehow planted in my spirit to produce.

    So, painting and writing are the same to me. Two sides of one coin and I cannot imagine one being a part of me without the other. Your comments encourage me so much in my work and I thank you.



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