Pray for the Hillbillies

Pray for the Hillbillies

Used to be honor was life and a man

lived by what he said, or died. Look

at us now, welfare recipients.


Drug dealers with medical degrees

hand out Lortabs like government

cheese in the 80s.


Coal companies give us toxic

water to pipe into our children’s



We don’t need political leaders

with polished smiles and pretty words,

telling us


how ‘backward’ we are. We don’t want

any television reporter telling the world

how sorry she feels


for the children of this land who

who speak with wild honey



sing of Jesus and pray

that their mommies will get

off crack.


What we need is a powerful voice,

motivated by love instead of


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  1. I really enjoyed this poem. Would you be willing to let me feature it in my blog section called Appalachian Voices Spotlight? I would include a short bio and a link to your blog. I could also include a few other poems, if you are interested. Feel free to contact me directly at

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