When you write

you find that your mind

is always wandering away

from the ordinary world

in which you walk

and it’s the ordinary walk

that pays your bills

when you’ve spent

most of your life

preparing for a career.

Still, I pass the drives

and forget what road

I was supposed to turn down.

Still, I forget to post the million

notes on my fridge to remind me

of things that torment most and

although I’m thankful for a job

in a time when many have none,

I pine for time to write my mind,

finding there is little left

for community boards, blogs

and other luxuries afforded

to those who have freer time.

So I meander in a daze, trying

to function in the structured world

of elementary education where

teachers are esteemed for the order

of their binders, their files, their bus notes.

Even if I must wear a label, scatterbrain,

I wouldn’t trade my imagination

for anyone’s¬†organization.

4 thoughts on “When you write

  1. Beautifully portrayed, easy to bealive that it’s really you with this work. You’re an amazing poet, you painted your personal life like you’re murals, the resonance it alters is reflective to who you are, well i guess.
    Really loved this piece and would be visiting your work as a poet friend.

  2. Ephraim,

    You are so very kind. Thank you for your words about my work. I am glad you came and look forward to you coming here again. I am always thankful for another poetic friend.

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