To love is to make

yourself vulnerable.

If you are brave enough

 to love,


you get hurt,

but no one walks

through life



*it’s not much of a poem, but at least it is a sign that I’m thinking, even in the midst of a hurried schedule. My brain aches to write but mountains of paper work hinder me. Oh well, those mountains of paper work are required for my job and I did choose my job. I suppose it, too, is a form of art in its own way. At the very least, it is deifinitely a science.

Author: Darlene Franklin-Campbell

I am a poet, novelist and artist living in the Appalachian Foothills. I believe we are great spiritual beings on a journey through this physical realm. We are timeless entities stepped into time.

2 thoughts on “”

  1. it kind of sounded like a haiku.
    is love part of nature?

    everyone gambles
    with some kind of emotion
    the brave ones choose love

    i like yours better:)


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