A Seven-Year-Old’s Christmas Wish

Marie sits on my knee at recess,
her hair, mangy, tangled, stiff,
flaps in the Decenber wind

like a plastic racing flag.
Playground squeals
and creaking swings

force her to shout
in my ear what she wants
Santa to bring her

boots, a doll, some clothes,
a new coat and a mommy
that stays.

4 thoughts on “A Seven-Year-Old’s Christmas Wish

  1. if you are going to write incredibly sad stuff like this could you please do it in a lousy poem so i could ignore/forget it.

    as it is you have captured my attention by setting a perfect stage and then stabbed me in the heart.

    this is a wonderful poem.

  2. Opoetoe,

    Thank you so much. I couldn’t use the child’s real name because of legal issues, but still I HAD to somehow express how I feel about this little girl. Thank you for feeling it.


    Thank you so much for not expecting the ending. That matters a lot to this poetic person.


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