Go away, go away, go away.
Don’t ask me what’s wrong
why my face looks “funny”

or why I look bored.
Don’t brush my hair back,
nor touch my cheek.

Don’t question my tone
or say I walk “odd”.
Do not notice my make-up

and ask me why I wear it
or say “what’s wrong?”
when I choose not to.

Don’t tell me my clothes are “clingy”
or call me when I’m late
to see if I went to Wal-mart…

Just go away, go away, go away.

9 thoughts on “Smother

    • Thank you, Colin.

      That is a high compliment coming from you. I adore your poetry and also, I just visited your website. It’s fantastic. I love the press release with the black and white photo and the excerpts, all very fine.

    • Oh, Val,

      I’m pretty convinced that such people, often well-meaning, are abundant in everyone’s lives. And at times, all of us want to shout…just go away and leave me alone for a while. haha…thank you for your comment.

  1. “or call me when I’m late
    to see if I went to Wal-mart…”

    This really puts it in perspective for me, it really screams go away all by itself.
    Great title.

      • Not kindness, my friend, but your own merit makes you deserve every applause. You are gifted and humble 🙂
        And I have missed being here too, I became extremely irregular with the internet and blogging. But now I am trying to be slightly more active. Looking forward to your beautiful creations 🙂 Peace.

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