Our Big Snow

The world turned white
while we slept, Winter,
that cold-blooded fairy,
came down here with her wand,
ventured below the Mason-Dixon Line,
to bless us with her magic.

She sprinkled her dust
over ordinary things,
transforming them
into mystical objects.

***take a look at our southern snow photos below…they say more than any poem I could ever write could say. Not that I’m a great photogher, but my object is simply to show how beautiful it looks. I know no camera tricks and have used no programs other than CROP to fix the photos…still, maybe they will give you a taste of the magic.

2 thoughts on “Our Big Snow

  1. good one

    We have the same deal here in NC.
    I always think of winter as the queen in “The Lion ,the witch and the wardrobe” but cold blooded fairy ,hey , I like that.

  2. Haha…thanks Opoetoe. I had heard that NC got it, too. I’m near the Tennessee line and I know that Tenn got even more than we did…wow…we can make snowmen and everything.

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