a Spirit thing

Daffodils are in bloom.
Plum tree scent drenches
the backyard and hyacinths
bathe the front, yet

I wander garden paths
like a wraith, lost spirit,
looking for something

Author: Darlene Franklin-Campbell

I am a poet, novelist and artist living in the Appalachian Foothills. I believe we are great spiritual beings on a journey through this physical realm. We are timeless entities stepped into time.

5 thoughts on “a Spirit thing”

  1. Kseverny…thank you for liking such a short thing!

    transcience certainly is a certainity.


    Sigh…you are right. I do not want to work in a pie shop. I know myself. I would EAT them and go broke.


    Thank you. I like that. 🙂


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