a Spirit thing

Daffodils are in bloom.
Plum tree scent drenches
the backyard and hyacinths
bathe the front, yet

I wander garden paths
like a wraith, lost spirit,
looking for something


5 thoughts on “a Spirit thing

  1. Artswebshow – UK – I am a multimedia artist, director of the now established Arts web show and founder of Culture spotlight. My interest cover fine art, cookery, music, video media, poetry, writing, photography, drama and paper sculpture.
    kseverny on said:

    i like this.
    short but it expresses a lot

  2. Darlene Franklin-Campbell – Appalachia – I am a poet, novelist and artist living in Appalachia. I believe we are great spiritual beings on a journey through this physical realm and we each have gifts to share along the way.
    nochipa on said:

    Kseverny…thank you for liking such a short thing!

    transcience certainly is a certainity.


    Sigh…you are right. I do not want to work in a pie shop. I know myself. I would EAT them and go broke.


    Thank you. I like that. 🙂

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