About the Pictures

I have so many more, but these will do for now. I wanted to show a dear friend of mine what the country side near my home looks like. I admit to taking most of the pics on top of a hill. Standing high on a hill seems the best place for picture taking and we have so many hills.

Also, the header at the top of the page was taken in Appalachia, about thirty minutes from my back door.

Savannah, I hope you like them!!!

Author: Darlene Franklin-Campbell

I am a poet, novelist and artist living in the Appalachian Foothills. I believe we are great spiritual beings on a journey through this physical realm. We are timeless entities stepped into time.

8 thoughts on “About the Pictures”

  1. Ozy,

    That’s fantastic. I don’t know which state you’ll be in, but alas, I may see you somewhere at a mom and pop diner or a gas station or a yard sale…haha…but not a flea market. I’m not going to any of those for ten days. However, I did buy my lawn mower at a flea market last year!!! So, you never know.


  2. The header looks sooo much like hwy. 70 in Liberty. But then again… Much of home looks this way. =]
    Love you momma,


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