Ants After Sunset

Night is a repose
from daylight scrap scurries,
heavy loads carried
over trap-laden trails;

moonlight is a firefly
spotlight, leaving the rest
of us in obscurity,

free to sort
acquisitions gathered
at our queen’s will

for the collective
survival of our

9 thoughts on “Ants After Sunset

  1. Thanks, Ozy!

    Sumedh, Your words always bless me. Thank you so much.

    Knight, I love ant farms. I have always been fascinated by ants.

    Jingle, thank you very much!

  2. I love the wording and construction, but I may say, in my experience ants don’t work that way at all.

    They LOVE coming into my bathroom at night when it’s dark. :-[

  3. First thank you! and secondly, you have a point. Ants do tend to work all of the time. I overlooked that fact and made my ants into six legged humans. haha.

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