Cafe Escape

Parasols in sun
beside a fountain
encircled by red

deaden my senses,
to earthquake cries,
gulf oil crisis,

disappearing reefs,
suicide bombings,
this whole mad, mad world
and my dad’s cancer.

I fold my napkin,
smooth my white sundress,
pay a ticket, leave
a tip, then step back
into time on earth.

10 thoughts on “Cafe Escape

  1. I think this perfectly exemplifies the power of succinctness and brevity that certain gifted people like you posses, along with an acute and deep sensitivity to bring together so many aspects of life and weave them together as gently as one garnishes a desert.
    Without any exaggeration, Darlene, this is one of my favourite poems, right up there with my other favourites such as Eliot’s Four Quartets. You have a gift, and I honestly hope that the world sees it.

    Best Wishes for your dad’s cancer.


  2. Sumedh,

    Your words bless me so deeply. Thank you hardly seems adequate, but they are the best words I have. You honor me greatly.

  3. nice poem,
    The best thing I have read so far tonight as I am trawling wordpress idly!

    I like the way you move from ‘frame’ to frame to frame, ending with you as a character simultaneously making your exit of the peaceful settting and your re-entrance to the world.

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