first day of autumn

this day dies in stilled heat
silence, save for the barking dog
who has no idea why
he speaks unless it is
to hear the sounds,
the varying pitches,
of his voice, his canine
melody that affect human
nerves like out of tune
violin strings in the hands
of a six year old.

10 thoughts on “first day of autumn

  1. Taking on autumn the way you did sounded very appro to me. Since I have a little canine who I think has a lovely “voice,” but understand when other don’t share my enthusiam, i quite “get” your metaphor of six-year-old with a violin. Or is that a simile? I have had a bit of cheap California burgundy and it is my bedtime.

  2. Jerry,

    Thank you so much. My canine of 15 years left this world yesterday. I would love to hear his out of tune melody, one more time. Sometimes, the most beautiful singing is as unrehearsed and precious as a six year old on a violin. I hope your little canine sings to you for many years.

  3. Nochipa: LOLsss
    This ones so nicely written.. I too get very irritated with these noisy canines.. but writing a beautiful like this – how talented you are.. Good Read.. 😀

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