Close Encounters

a tiny tree frog,
green, shiny,
no bigger than
my thumbnail,
revealed himself
to me while as he sat
on a hazelnut leaf.

I reached for my camera
to capture his “frogness”,
his nature, his yellow eyes
and brown legs, but he
fled the flash and left me
only a leaf.

a dragonfly hoovered
in front of me, blue,
shimmering as the sky
on pond’s surface,
with invisible wings.

I pushed the button
and she rode the wind
like a dandelion seed,
gone, leaving an empty
cattle field in my lens.

why they fled is more
than I know, unless
I came too close
to their world
while they merely
wanted to observe


Open the Cage

I rake dried grass
place it around flowers,
free mulch

and I am detached.

Seasons end,
flowers die
and I

feel alone

in this alien world.
A tug inside pulls me

and I think
not one person
among us knows

how to love.

We scurry like
roaches in light

from creatures
bigger than

We clang like
shutters in

unable to speak
what our spirits

as zoo animals
we are bound
in the cages

we are born to.