In a Week

I attended a funeral
for my friend’s father
and saw her pain,
masked by a brave smile.

Then I watched Rocky’s spirit
leave his furry body
as I stroked his cold paw,
knowing it hurt too much
to hang on,

so I begged him
to let go and wait
for me where dogs
and their people
are friends forever.

and I sat with my dad
through the night,
praying with him,
hoping with him

but mostly,
I just sat with him.

I am glad
tomorrow is Sunday.

8 thoughts on “In a Week

  1. I am also glad that tomorrow is the start of a new week. This one has been unusually long and rough. But we are strong and have stuck it out. I thank God that I have such an amazing family. I wouldn’t know what to do without you all. I love ya momma.

    • Thank you, Rach. I love you so much and I am thankful everyday for my amazing family. I do not know how I became so blessed, but I’m glad to be surrounded by such beautiful spirits. I hope you have a fuzzy caterpillar and yellow butterfly kind of week!!!

  2. A lot of understated love abides within the narrow confines of this piece of poetry. Life and death. We all understand the relationship, but find it difficult to celebrate both in the same manner. I suppose that is because life is learning and experiencing and trying to understand who you are. Death is . . .

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