13 thoughts on “A veces

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    • Thank you, Jamie!

      Me gusta espanol por que es una idioma hermosa. Of course, I don’t know how to post with the proper accent marks without changing my blog language to Spanish. haha.

  2. dancing freak,

    Thank you so much. It basically translates something like this:

    I like to write
    Spanish words

    because I think
    the grandfather

    of my grandfather,
    in a large hat

    sings Spanish words
    in Heaven.

    It is possible, no?

    • Thanks, Scott.

      I have found that translator’s often translate words but miss meaning. There are nuances in languages that cannot be literally translated. Ayiii…yaiii…that’s the trouble with them.

  3. Brava! Very brave and pretty. Unfortunately, I suspect that the sixth line is awfully important for understanding the poem as a whole, and it’s the one I don’t understand (my Spanish is sub-elementary), but I did thoroughly enjoy what I did understand.

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