Go to Customer Service, Please

I would like pink rose petals,
mimosa smell and magnolia blossoms
for Christmas.

I would also like
a hint of honeysuckle,
a barefoot strole over shady moss
and the sound of a bubbling brook.

You see, this cold doesn’t fit me.
It causes my lips to fray,
like a weathered rope,

It drains the colors from cheeks
and leaves my face faded, splotchy,
like untreated wood.

It causes my hair to friz,
my skin to itch and produces
a constant shiver
I cannot shake,

regardless of the layers
I wear. So I’ve I’m looking
for the reciept to this winter
that someone gave me.

Maybe I can get a cash refund.

2 thoughts on “Go to Customer Service, Please

  1. Haha!!! I love this! I must say that I have to agree with this 100%. You know this b/c I am the same way. I will sit inside the warmth of my home and look at the snowy cold world if I have to… and if I must go outside, I will complain! =]

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