Vanity of Efforts

Everywhere I walk, someone
is jumping up, down, yelling,
“Hey, look at me. I’m somebody.
I can do something. Look.
Tell me that I’m special.”

There are so many voices
all crying out with a personal
message, a promise of what?
Who knows. Nothing lasts,
not even the emptiness

that comes after success,
only a hunger for more
which leads to longing for
yet more. “Vanity. Vanity,”
the Preacher said. “All is
vanity.” Wasted efforts

on mortal gains. Perhaps
to acknowledge our maker,
unselfishly give our gifts
to those who walk beside us
along this road from time to time.

Perhaps, that
is purpose enough and requires
little jumping and no yelling.

30 thoughts on “Vanity of Efforts

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  3. love it…

    you have said something I wish to say yet did not find the best way to say it yet…
    Glad to have you in, dear.

    beautifully expressed work,
    clear vision and vivid imagery..
    Happy Rally!

    • Thank you, Jingle.

      Sometimes, I come into my house, close the door and just breathe in the quiet. Perhaps it is because I work with people all day or perhaps I just draw strength from the quiet moments. Either way, I think that without them, I would die young.

  4. Your words speak so much truth. I immediately thought of all the reality shows and people wanting their 15 minutes of fame whether on the news, shows, etc.

  5. well said..I wonder sometimes about the adults seems like we have raised a generation of children who have not had enough of their parents. They become tall but still are searching for love and acceptance in ways that can never satisfy. It is very sad.

    • Thanks, Dee!

      I can only say, “Amen” to your statement. More apps and faster phones can never replace fishing, a picnic and skipping stones at the lake. It is the moments my parents spent with me that mean the most to me.

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