stark, cold, ugly
despite her pretty white
cosmetics and howling winds,
that try to deceive us into
thinking her lovely. she’s not.
she’s a liar.

i suppose if she were not
among us, then another month
by some other name
would bear her drudgery.

it is during her reign
with long cold, cloudy days
when powder covers
earth that i miss green

and flowers and butterflies,
hayfields and long walks
in bare feet and pastel colors,
dragonflies and pond lilies,
golden sunsets and cricket songs.

still, i find reason to be thankful
that she only comes once every
twelve months and when she is gone
spring things begin to creep back

up these hollers and over these hills.
in february crocus will dare to show
their faces; birds will defy the temps
and sing anyway. january will die away.
she always does.

22 thoughts on “january

  1. How do you do that…keep something in mind for so long! I’m ADHD and trying to learn, but I find, seconds in, that my minds gone somewhere else! Perhaps I have to begin to take notes before I write?

    Anyway, this is gorgeous…January as ‘…a liar.’ Fantastic.

    • Thank you, Kolembo, for saying it is gorgeous! I’m unsure how I keep a thing in my mind. I think every brian works a little differently. When a notion hits my mind, it will not leave. It nags at me until I let it out and then when it comes out, it is in a long continuous stream that not even a tornado could shake loose. Literally, I can write with the washing machine going, television going, radio playing, kids hollering and people talking to me. I just block them all out until they’re white noise in my head.

      The only trouble is that there may be numerous streams running in my mind all at the same time. That sometimes makes it hard to sleep or watch a television show! It makes it hard to pay attention when people are talking, too, unless they’re saying something that feeds one of the streams in my head. So, I suppose it’s kind of like ADHD, but different, too. I become fixated, but on many different topics all running along differen highways in the brain.

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    • I can’t even imagine how the winters are in ND. I see news clips on the television and I tell you the truth, I own up to being a weather “sissy”. I send you WARM thoughts. Thank you for your kind comments.

    • thanks. 🙂 but shh…I would appreciate the warmer months if I never saw another cold day for the rest of my life! haha…I am not arctic by nature.

  4. How are you?

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    Thanks for the lovely contribution, it is fun when everyone gets the job done…
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