Don’t Deny the Power

I keep hearing from my past,
lyrics to a song, alive now,
as then,

Everybody’s running
where do they think
they’re going?
And what is
everybody thinking of?

Is that the wind
they’re chasing,
these old memories

Have we denied
the power of love?

Don’t deny the power
this is the final hour.
Don’t deny the power
of love.

I’m crying out this warning.
He could be coming in the morning.
Don’t deny the power of love.”

So the winds blow,
the seas swirl, the earth quakes,
shakes and splits.

Apocalyptic blizzards
immobilize millions.
Fish die, birds die,
cows die, mud slides.

Dogs eat dogs.
Humans cut off ears.

A woman kills her child
and man murders man.

Yet, we cry with
the fat girl on TV
who wants to shed pounds

so she can fit in her gown
and pay to see
whose boobs are real

love, acts of kindness,
without hidden motives,
deliberate choices,
not emotional slips,
still lives,

lives in the pastor
who braved slick roads
to visit a child in ER,

lives in the mom
who raised two boys
alone, after her man died

and in the father
who puts his child’s need
of shelter, clothes, food
before wants of grown-up

It lives in the girl
who checks into rehab,
puts an end to meth
for the sake of
her babies.

Love is alive and well
in the soul who prays
for others, who forgives,
who does not need
to be first or
forever heard.

Here is love,
that a woman would build
her house and not tear it

Here is love
that a man would lay
down his life for
a friend.

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