The World I Came From

Since childhood, I have had the overwhelming sensation that the physical world is not the real world, but more like a stop at a tourist center along the journey to someplace far more wonderful. I used to sit in my swing as a little girl and look up into the clouds. I had never been to church at the time, nor had I received any spiritual teaching, per se. Yet, I knew, was convinced at my very core, that there was more to life than I could see or hear. It was like I had amnesia and had forgotten something important that I once knew. I tried to draw this other place, but I could never quite get it right. Once as a child I did a painting a cemetery with spiritual [they looked kind of like angels] beings above a cloud barrier. I was trying to show that other place which haunted me in my dreams, that stayed in my mind. My mother told me that my painting was morbid, yet that picture comforted me.

As an adult I came to the conclusion that I had been right all along. I became convinced that we are truly spiritual beings, but are momentarily in a physical vehicle, that allows us to travel about while we are on visitation to this physical realm. I think of an old gospel song I heard as a teenager, “This world is not my home, I’m just a passing through. My treasures are laid up somewhere beyond the blue.” So, true. That is exactly how I feel, how I have felt my entire life. I am a foreigner in this temporal reality. I’m from some place else. One of these days I will go home again, but in the meantime, I’m on a mission here. I have to leave my drop in the ocean, follow my bliss, be true to my calling. Define it with whatever terms you like, but I know that my life has a purpose and I must be true to that purpose and part of that purpose is to encourage others to be still, hear their hearts, seek God and live according to their purpose.

Everything in nature has a purpose and teaches us that all things have a purpose, so why not us? So, today I encourage you, if there is music in your heart, set it free. If there is a dance in your soul, give it legs. If there are words in you spirit, write them down. If you long to heal, set out on a course to become a doctor or a nurse. If you have the gift to lead and inspire, consider teaching. There is a purpose for your natural bent. Your desire may be the confirmation of the destination. Do not compare yourself to those the world declares successful. I do not have a best seller, but I am a successful writer, because I write what is in my heart and I give the money from my work to the causes I believe in. Success does not always equal fame and fortune. In the world where I’m from success means you have followed your heart and heard from spirit.

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  1. As someone said, we are spiritual beings having a physical experience, not physical beings who sometimes (rarely) have spiritual experiences.

  2. Darlene with tears falling down my cheeks I read your sweet, sweet message about your Dad. I didn’t no your Dad, but after I read your post I feel I do no him. He was a child of God that loved his earthly family, friends and neighbors. He loved the Lord and lived his life for Jesus. He left gifts to his family more precious than silver or gold. He taught you to love the Lord and not earthly possessions. When we love the Lord with all our soul and all our might and serve him he takes care of us. I feel sure that today he is rejoicing in his Heavenly home and looking down on his family with tender love and blessings for eah of you. You were blessed to have a Dad that taught you the most important things in life can’t be made by man. He was indeed a Hero. that raised a wonderful daughter. Darlene Franklin Campbell. God bless you for sharing this sweet and precious post.

    • Alice,

      Bless you for coming here. Your words touched my heart so deeply this morning and you brought tears to my eyes, because I know that they are honest words from your spirit, which is so precious and kind. Thank you.

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