Gardening, Balancing Poses and Storms of Life

When I was a kid I used to watch my parents lay off the rows in our family garden. They’d each tie an end of a long string to a stick. Daddy would stand at one end of the garden and Momma would stand at the other and when the string made a straight line segment between them, they’d both hammer their sticks into the ground, then one of them would take a hoe and trace a straight line in the dirt along the path of the string. Their garden rows were never crooked. They had an immovable standard to go by. One year Daddy helped a neighbor lay off her garden rows. She didn’t want to mess with the string thing. Her garden rows were so crooked that a tiller couldn’t get between them. I suppose a person can have crooked garden rows it she wants to, but I perfer straight ones.

Years later, I learned to do a balancing pose called the tree and another called the scorpion. I discovered that I couldn’t do either pose unless I fixed my eyes on something immovable and focused on it. When I maintained focus, I also maintained balance.

I think there is a spiritual lesson in gardening and balancing poses. Here it is. If we base our focus on the way we feel, we will be swirly and topsy turvy all of the time. We will be up and down like a roller coaster, in and out like a tide. I know that life will always throw things at us to try and knock us off balance, but if we maintain our focus, even emotions are just passing storms. It’s important not to let them blow us away. We must find something stronger than our own temporal existence, secure ourselves to it and hold on. I think it’s important not to let ourselves be shaken by everything that comes down the pike, by every wind of doctrine, by every new teaching that comes along.

Some might say that I sound heartless and uncaring in saying these things, but the truth is the opposite. I know that emotions are liars. But what we know in our spirits to be true, that last forever. When I speak of emotion, I speak of anger, guilt, pain, fear and doubt. Love, has never been an emotion in my dictionary. Love is a commitment and a whole other blog post for a day when I have more time!

5 thoughts on “Gardening, Balancing Poses and Storms of Life

  1. part of me keep thinking of you.

    missed your perfect participation at poets rally.

    how are you? welcome back.

    Share a free verse with poets rally week 41 today, awards will be assigned.

    Bless your talent.

    Visit me to link your work…

    • Thank you, Jingle.

      I apologize for not being around lately. My dad was in the final stages of cancer and after spending several days with him, he went home. Funeral arrangements, family, friends, catching up at work…there’s been a lot to keep me preoccupied.

  2. There’s a lot of truth in what you say. Your writing is as beautiful as ever, by the way. I should (and will) come here more often. 🙂

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