A poetic pondering

Every  now and then I suffer from a philosophical moment. Okay, I admit it. It’s more than every now and then. It’s just about every day at least a couple of times a day, unless I’m too busy to think and have to run on auto-pilot (which sometimes happens when you work in an elementary school). Today, I thought I’d share two questions that keep picking at my brain.

What if everyone in the world were capable of and suddenly decided to— think for themselves?

And what if greed and the need to dominate others were wiped from existence over night?





2 thoughts on “A poetic pondering

  1. it seems so simple,
    just tell the people,
    just speak the truth
    and they will understand.
    it seems so simple
    just make a stand,
    and the others
    will see your point of view.

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