Too many voices full

of empty wisdom

modern knowledge

useless theories

concieved in Mom’s

basement amidst

Xbox victories

and Game Boy ideologies,

no sweat, no blood,

no real life lived,

only contemporary vampire

philosophy and animae


Life is more.

Feel the Earth.

Hear her heatbeat.

Dance, to her rains.

Touch the sky

and relish the sun.

Speak with the Spirit

and walk with the Father.

Life is more.

3 thoughts on “Substance

  1. No sweat, no blood … and no tears either. Tears are the surest sign that we are living the right sort of life – the surest sign that we are at one with nature and our creator

  2. We no longer stand upon hallowed ground but on hollow ground.
    We no longer build homes upon the rock but on the shifting sand.
    We no longer philosophize of things greater but lament things lesser.
    We no longer war against the gale but revel in our retreat.

  3. True, Geoff, so true. I wish I had added that.

    And Billy, wow, you share my heart with those words and speak from the very place that I’m coming from.

    Thank you both.

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