Kentucky Writer’s Day, 2013

Kentucy Writer’s Day is held each year at Penn’s Store in Gravel Switch, Kentucky. A visit to Gravel Switch is a visit back in time, but there is something for everyone.


Little children play,


puppies snooze under the porch, lazy in the sun.


poets [C.A. Shelly pictured here] read original work,


fellow writers lend support and attentive ears [pictured Yolantha HarrisonPace and Ed McClanahan]


Ruth Ann Johnson Fogle is an amazing story-teller with a powerful voice and original writer‘s voice.

101_6743101_6757 Inside the store you’ll find unique country gifts, souvenirs for back home.

101_6756 Photos of famous writers and musicians who have graced this country store line a shelf near the ceiling.


101_6754 Jeanne Penn Lane and her daughter, Dawn, carry on a legacy that has been part of her family since the 1800s.


101_6750 Take home a T-shirt.

101_6749Eulalie C. (‘Lalie) Dick‘s stories brought tears to eyes. They were that touching, that real.

101_6748101_6764 The only thing more breath-taking than the scenery is Dawn
Lane Osborn
‘s voice.

101_6763 Teenage girls relax in the shade.

101_6762 The outhouse, for use and decorative, too!

101_6761 The porch welcomes all.


Eric “Rick” Lee honors veterans.  Richard Moore’s music is highly entertaining.



101_6769Yours truly with the youngest participant at KWD.

101_6778 Lunch time on the porch.Kentucky in spring. Almost to Penn's Store. Up here, in these hills, we celebrate writing and art and music. It’s still going on. Check out the schedule for tomorrow.

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