Because Good-Bye is Too Cliché


Nature touches us the same

but you are blind in my world,

and I am a misfit in your circle


of circles, of circles, of circles.

You perceive me as complicated

and deep, but I am as simple as

red earth and blue sky.


You self-proclaimed wise child,

look, I wear too many clothes to fit

in among bare-breast middle-agers

and wide-bottom moon gods.


My vehicle is too “narrow”

for a wide, multi-lane highway

to deathbed look-backs and women

who wish they had danced.


You belong among temple dwellers

and incense drinkers, among searchers

and seekers of the “hidden” while I

am a sparrow’s sister.


My mind has traveled with you,

with others. I have tasted eastern fruit

and desert laws, but find my solace


in holding hands.