Bubble People


Imagine with me for a moment that there is a world where people go about, each in a little bubble that bends and distorts reality without the inhabitant realizing that his or her view of existence is distorted by the dimensions of the bubble. Each person sees the world, the universe as it is reflected through his or her bubble and not one of them sees it for what it really is and if a cosmic being, that existed outside all of their bubbles, told them how it was, they wouldn’t believe the being, because said being’s report did not match their concepts of reality, their bubble experiences.

Now each person goes about trying to make everyone else conform to the imagines of his or her own bubble which causes a problem, because no two people have the same bubble and no two people have the same vision. Billions of them shout all at once but rarely is any of them really heard. Some of them want to be noticed so badly that they criticize others who are very different than themselves, those with bubbles that are “foreign” to them.

All the bubble people have opinions and ideas but everyone is so desperate to be heard that they just end up making a lot of noise. Inevitably, most of them end up feeling lonely and isolated. Others end up angry and bitter. Others decide that they’re not going to let anyone else “in their bubbles” so they act tough, but sadly, nobody really wants in their bubbles, anyway, because everyone is busy trying to make sure that the world understands what it’s like in their own bubbles. However, they, too, end up lonely and disconnected. Others decide they will MAKE people notice them and conform to the imagines in their bubbles, so they act out. They do ridiculous things. Some try to take over other people’s bubbles and even pop them, leading to the end of the bubble dweller’s mortal existence.

But what if someone believed the cosmic being who said, “Your bubble is a distortion of what is real.” What if they invited the cosmic being into their bubble and asked it to “fix” their bubble’s reflection of reality? I imagine they would seem very strange to all the other people in all the other bubbles with all the other distortions of reality. What if people stopped shouting to be heard and started listening to what cannot be shouted?

Maybe all their bubbles would come together and be one giant one or maybe they would each float about in their bubbles, realizing they were different but being okay with the differences, because they recognized them and understood that the bubbles were only temporary anyway, that sooner or later, every bubble would wear out and pop and all the bubble dwellers would come to know whether or not the cosmic being was telling the truth.