Meet the “Could-Be’s”

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NF’s are more often abstract (what could be) than they are concrete (what is). They make decisions more often based on motivation or interest than on a particular system. They are focused on “what is right” but not in the social justice sense of the guardians but in a “what would make the world a more ideal place” kind of way. They are future focused philosophers.



Ego: Fe, Ni, Se, Ti


Fi, Ne, Si, Te



Ego: Ne, Fi, Te, Si


Ni, Fe, Ti, Se



Ego: Ni, Fe, Ti, Se


Ne, Fi, Te, Si



Ego: Fi, Ne, Si, Te


Fe, Ni, Se, Ti





ENFJ in a word: CHAMPIONING—ENFJs are heroes of the people. They need to make a big impact on the world, to build something that will testify to a higher purpose long after they are gone. They have an intuitive and responsible insight about how to do things. For the good, they can be like Martin Luther King, Jr. and initiate a movement that will change the course of a nation. They are natural born leaders with zest and enthusiasm for life and are filled with positive energy. ENFJs are quick, endowed with a great sense of humor and usually bright, emotionally intelligent and have an undaunting determination to accomplish a task or a mission. However, when in a state of negativity, they may imagine all kinds of plans, plots and schemes that others have against them.

ENFP in a word: ENVISIONING—ENFPs have a knack for the new and are often some of the first to hop on-board with new technology. They enjoy novelty and adventure. They have a flare for the dramatic and are often (not always) musically gifted as well. Like the ESFP, they tend to be great entertainers and can be downright hilarious. They also tend to be bright and inspiring. They sometimes have an awkwardness to their movements, like an eternal bounce and their bodily movements often show their emotional state to the degree that you can tell what mood they’re in before you get close enough to hear them speak. ENFPs do tend to fluctuate in mood. They can be compassionate and caring but also have the tendency to come across as flighty and insincere to more traditional types.

INFJ in a word:   FORESIGHT—INFJs foresee a path, lay out the steps and take them. Whatever they set their will upon doing or learning, they accomplish. They like skeletal structure, yet adapt quickly to change. They tend to be non-judgmental and can border on being too-forgiving of the faults of others. At times, this can lead them to feeling under-appreciated. They learn quickly and are often gifted linguistically. It is not uncommon for an INFJ to master several languages. They can also be gifted artistically, and/or musically. Many INFJs have a knack for the sciences or computer programing. Mechanical aptitude and tactical skills may be a struggle for them at times. INFJs tend to be perfectionists and are their own worst critics. They may secretly beat themselves up over minor mis-steps, thinking they have ruined an experience for others. They truly care about what others are experiencing and aspire to create good experiences for everyone. When obstacles get in their way, they create a path around them, through them or over them. They, (along with INTJs) have undaunting will-power. INFJs are strategic and logical, which often causes an internal struggle, because they see what needs to be done, what works, but they also foresee the possible negative internal and external consequences on others and this can be crippling to the point that an INFJ may be unable to move forward even though they are always needing to move forward.

INFP in a word: MORALITY—INFPs are guided by an unerring system of self-knowledge. They may not always KNOW why they see things a certain way but they know when something crosses their values, when something makes them feel “off.” They are certain of how they feel about things and of what they stand for on certain issues. They are quick to decide if something is “for them” or not. And they remain true to their sense of self. INFPs can see a myriad of possibilities and when faced with a crisis, they can often see more than one way out. This same trait leads them to be quietly creative. INFPs may be artists, writers, musicians or scientists. They may be professors or librarians or bookstore owners. They are collectors of data and have an off-beat system of organization that may not work for others, but it works for them and they can walk into what looks like a total chaotic environment of books, papers, years of photo boxes, Christmas ornaments (or whatever else they’ve been keeping for years) and find whatever it is they’re looking for. INFPs tend to be physically awkward and often find themselves with bruises at the end of any given day. When very upset, angry or stressed, the INFP may surprise you with a string of syllables that you would never have imagined could come out of their mouth!

Author: Darlene Franklin-Campbell

Poet, novelist, artist

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