Meet Dave, an ISFP

photo of man holding microphone
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When Dave plays guitar and sings, women throw things at him, like bras with phone numbers on them.

Dave is charming with a beautiful smile and an off-beat sense of humor.

On the upside Dave’s charm, talent and skills have opened doors for him. He’s been a stunt man (for a couple of years), a rodeo clown (for three months), a ranch hand, a logger, a dock hand, a bar performer, a mechanic (he can fix anything), a tattoo artist, a wood worker, and an actor; he did a stint on a local television program, all before he turned 30, which is his current age, but through it all he has loved his music and has been in 7 different bands, playing concerts most weekends.

On the downside, Dave’s music and passion cost him his marriage, three marriages actually.

He tends to live in the moment and when women threw themselves at him after concerts, he’d give in. He reasons that life on the road sort of does that to a passionate man. None of his wives agreed. Nor did they agree with being kicked out of their homes when Dave bought a knew sound system or guitar and let the rent go unpaid or when he quit one job after another and threatened to mutilate the bosses and various people that he worked with for “putting him down.”

When Dave’s first wife left him, he completely shut down and closed himself off from everyone who tried to help him. Then he came back, bouncing from woman to woman for the next two years.

He has a vivid imagination and is highly creative, writing amazing music and lyrics. He pours his values and emotions into his creations and this is alluring to listeners. He is a spiritual man of sorts, but even in that, he goes his own way. He has tried Buddhism, Hinduism, Satanism, Christianity and now he is into Taoism. He dyes his hair various colors, depending on his mood at the time, has piercings in ears, nose, lip and eyebrows. He dresses in black and says that he is making a statement by his fashion choices. His music, his clothes and everything about him tells the world that he has his own set of values and he will, above all else, be true to those values.

Dave tends to be competitive and feels he must be victorious in the moment. Dave would never back down from a fight. He says he doesn’t start them but he won’t back away from them either.

While he is insanely charming, especially on stage, his self-esteem fluctuates from seemingly cocky and over confident to self-loathing and withdrawal. He can be kind and unselfish but he can also be cruel, harsh and completely self-centered. Dave’s mother, who posts only positive things about him on her facebook page, and tells everybody that he is a good boy,  fears that one day he will lose his temper or do something in the heat of the moment that will land him in prison or that he might get into drugs and overdose. Dave’s cognitive preferences are those of an ISFP.

*This is NOT a typical ISFP but of course an over the top representation. Still ISFPs do have core values that are extreme in Dave. However, in a more stable individual they would appear quite different and more balanced. ISFPs have these things in common:

  1. They are fiercely independent.
  2. They struggle with temper, either internally are quietly stubborn or will physically engage in a fight when insulted.
  3. They take insults very personally, sometimes, even unintended ones.
  4. They are good with physical and/or mechanical things.
  5. They can be charming.
  6. They can be generous and kind.
  7. They are present-focused.


Author: Darlene Franklin-Campbell

Poet, novelist, artist

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