Meet Calvin, an INTP

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Ti=introverted thinking is the INTP’s superpower. This means that the INTP is gifted at logically dissecting and analyzing problems.
Ne=intuition extraverted is the parent function of the INTP and is where his/her responsibility lies. Ne in this position takes what Ti has perceived and analyzed and toys with possibilities of application.
Si=sensing introverted in the child position means that the INTP has a pure need for personal comfort. Unlike people who have Si in the hero position, in the child position, it means that the INTP needs to feel “safe” before they can be their true unguarded selves.
Fe=in the aspirational position means that INTPs often misinterpret what they others value or how they feel. It means that they aspire to make others happy and are let down when others are suddenly angry and lashing out at them. 

Calvin’s glasses are held together with electrical tape and he wears a hoodie and baggy jeans almost every day. He’s a quiet man most of the time except when he’s with his business partner, Eddie. The two of them constantly bounce ideas off each other. Calvin married right after college but the marriage fell through as Calvin did not do well with paying his bills, following a set schedule or showing up to work on time. When he did have money back then, he spent it on gaming equipment. His wife got tired of the bill collectors, food stamps and always being broke, so she left, thankful that they never had any children. So Calvin moved into the apartment above his parent’s garage and has been living there ever since.

Calvin started out as a clerk in a comic book store where he sold comics, figurines, gaming equipment and t-shirts to costumers, but when he met Eddie, the two of them discussed an idea for a particular kind of gaming software. Eddie had the money and the vision. Calvin had the ingenuity, so they partnered and eventually started their own company which is doing well, but Calvin has not bothered looking for a bigger or better house or more expensive clothing. He is content in his garage apartment so when he does spend money, it’s related to software development. Calvin doesn’t place a lot of value on the external world around him. His apartment is cluttered with wires, cables, computers, gaming paraphernalia and coffee cups.

Calvin seems to live and breathe to generate new ideas and improve upon the things he’s already developed. Existing rules or structures don’t mean much to Calvin when a new idea is born. He will by-pass the way things have always been done and pioneer a new, more innovative way. He approaches problems with skepticism, seeking patterns and logical explanations.

Calvin is a peaceful person and hates face-to-face conflict, although he is silently critical of others whom he deems as “unintelligent.” He often gets online at various forums, under different names, and “trolls” people. He says things to them just to get them going. In real life, he is conflict avoidant. He likes martial arts and can tell anyone all about the history of martial arts and all the best moves, but he would not engage in hand-to-hand combat because the one time that he did, a 100 pound Thai girl beat him up.

He doesn’t like to meet new people, usually, unless they are people who draw him in by discussing theories and ideas that appeal to him. Calvin doesn’t base his decisions on how he thinks others will feel about it or whether they will value it. His creativity tends to come in bursts of energy and he has to go with it when it hits. He may stay up until 3 a.m. or sleep until 3 p.m.

For Calvin it is important to express ideas and facts correctly. He expresses himself in what he considers truths and when he explains it to someone who isn’t an expert in the field he often forgets or doesn’t bother putting it into laymen’s terms. Thankfully, Eddie is strong in that area, of taking complicated things and putting them into simple terms, so Calvin leaves the public speaking to Eddie.

Calvin’s cognitive preferences are those of an INTP and while not all INTPs are just like Eddie, they do all have some things in common.

  1. INTPs see everything from an analytical point of view.
  2. INTPs cannot help but be logical.
  3. INTPs see possibilities and need to play around with them.
  4. INTPs are unaware of why others can’t see things more logically.
  5. INTPs want to be left alone to work or to work with a like-minded person.
  6. INTPS enjoy discussing theories and ideas.
  7. INTPs struggle with rigid structure.




Author: Darlene Franklin-Campbell

Poet, novelist, artist

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