Meet Darcy, an INFP

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Fi=Feeling Introverted in the hero position means that the INFP KNOWs what she values, what’s important to her and she is guided by this. She may not verbalize it until one of those values is violated, but above all, she knows. Sometimes, she may immediately be put off by a person or situation without being able to put her finger on the reason why. 

Ne=Intuition extraverted in the parent function or responsible function holds her hero in check and allows the INFP to be quietly spontaneous, open ended and creative. 

Si=Sensing introverted. INFPs have a childlike need to be comfortable. It also causes the INFP to be somewhat of a collector and keep a data reference, howbeit, because their aspiration function is Te, their organizational system may look like total chaos to an outside observer.  

Te=Thinking extraverted-INFPs again INFPs have a unique system of order that works for them alone.


Darcy wears the same style of clothes almost everyday. She has about three brands of clothing that she will wear in about five colors. She buys everything in those brands and colors. She always wears comfortable tennis shoes or black leather shoes. She always wears the same kind of jeans and the same style of shirt. She wears her hair the same way the majority of the time, as well.

She runs an antique store in an old building on the edge of town. Inside her building, the paint is peeling, books and antiques are stacked to the ceiling and it smells like an old library. Darcy never uses scented candles, air freshener or any artificial smells. Every isle is filled with items that are unique, quaint or just plain odd.

A big gray cat often sleeps on a chair behind the check-out counter and another cat, a yellow one, has claimed the window sill facing the street. A third cat inhabits the back porch of her shop where she hired someone to build him a little house. She feels a special connection to the cats and has several more at her home. She feels they are more honest than people and she had rather have a conversation with them than with most humans.

Around the shop there are several signs that say “Do not spray.” Being an avid plant and wildlife lover, she is trying to protect her innocent wildflowers and the butterflies and hummingbirds that visit them from the thugs the city sends out to keep weeds under control.

Darcy loves art, poetry and anything having to do with the paranormal. She is highly involved in aura reading, out-of-body experiences, ghost hunting (she belongs to a group of paranormal investigators) and chakras. She writes poetry and has a large collection in a various boxes. She remembers which poems are in which boxes by the colors of their lids.

She doesn’t like “fake” people and is selective of her friend. She enjoys quiet time and spends her days off with a good friend, foraging for rare things to put in her shop. Darcy knows immediately if she likes someone or not and if she doesn’t, she won’t care to be around them anymore than she has to be. She is the same way with food, clothes and most other things. She knows immediately what she likes and can quickly send it through a pass or fail test.

She does not like rigid schedules and likes to keep her options open for discovery. She often plays around in the store, coming up with unique display combinations. Darcy has a good memory and a keen eye for detail. She can tell if a piece is authentic or fake within minutes, sometimes seconds.

She doesn’t have a lot of friends, maybe four people, that she feels close to. She also doesn’t like hot weather, background music, artificial smells, clothes that have stitching she can feel, air fresheners, body lotions with scent, shampoo with too much lather, make-up, hairspray, perfume, shoes that she can feel on her feet, collars, ruffles, lace, leather, flip-flops or chap stick, along with many other things. She collect things that hold fond memories for her.

All her life, she has felt misunderstood and all she has ever wanted was for people to just leave her alone, accept her the way she is, stop trying to force her to “play nice” and be like everybody else.

She recently started dating a musician who has been putting music to some of her poetry and is planning to record a collection of her work as songs.

Darcy’s cognitive preferences are those of an INFP and while not all INFPs are exactly like Darcy, they do all have certain things in common:

  1. INFPs know what they like and dislike.
  2. INFPs are creative.
  3. INFPs are good at making inferences and connections.
  4. INFPs are sensitive to what makes them uncomfortable, whether it be physical, emotionally or spiritually.
  5. INFPs are quick to spot “what is wrong” with anything (sometimes–anyone) but may be completely unaware of their own appearance or physical environment.
  6. INFPs are collectors of information, be it photos, memoirs, mementos, etc.
  7. INFPs have their own unique organizational systems.

Author: Darlene Franklin-Campbell

Poet, novelist, artist

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