I believe that hurting a child, any child, is ALWAYS wrong.
I believe that violence breeds violence.
I believe in preserving life above making money, yet I believe a person should be allowed to make all the money they can so long as they don’t hurt anyone else to do it.
I believe in the pursuit of happiness.
I do not believe all men are created equal. If they were, then everyone would be the same size, color, shape and have the same abilities, but I DO believe in treating all humans fairly. I believe in being fair, and enforced equality is often unfair.
I believe there is never any excuse for breaking in and destroying the businesses, homes and lives of innocent people.
I believe that mistreating an animal is a precursor to mistreating humans.
I believe that being “nice” is a facade but being “kind” is genuine.
I believe that when you take rights away from one group, you lessen the rights and value of every group.
I believe that when your desires, practices or behavior threatens the fundamental human rights of others, then you should be held accountable. (example: If I believe that I have the right to do drugs and drive, but in doing so I cause a car crash that kills a five-year-old child, I should be treated like a murderer because my behavior took an innocent life.)
I believe that the family is the foundation of any society and when you destroy families, you destroy emotional and spiritual foundations that ultimately lead to societal break-downs, and cultural failures.
I believe that when you strip away spirituality in a culture, you end up with a society of self-absorbed, egocentric people who don’t fully see others as humans.
I believe that in order to have stable citizens, you must have actively involved parents and other adults such as uncles, aunts and grandparents in the lives of children.
I believe the most important education a child will ever get is the one their parents set before them.
I’m sure you have your own set of beliefs, too. I hope they are based, not on emotion or on what society has told you is acceptable, but looking at many opposing arguments and true open-mindedness. I think that true critical thinking is as rare as a diamond in a gravel quarry. Many people equate a political view with open-mindedness but politics have nothing to do with critical thinking. However, critical thinking will affect the way we vote, the way we worship, the way we interact in relationships. I’m thinking today that critical thinking is a critical skill and we certainly need more of it.