Creatures who are Created for Creation

Created to Create Created to Create

Created for Creation

“All men will come to him who keeps to the one. They flock to him and receive no harm, for in Him they find peace, security and happiness.

Music and dining are passing pleasures, yet they cause people to stop. How bland and insipid are the things of this world when one compares them to the eternal Way!

When you look for it (the Way), there is nothing to see. When you listen for it, there is nothing to hear. When you use it, it cannot be exhausted.”

—Lao Tzu

I’m an artist and a writer.

When I create a piece of art, it is always first an idea or an image that appears in my mind’s eye and ears; from there, it flows out of me to become a creation of some sort.

I take pleasure in my creations as they are natural manifestations of my imagination.

So many creations in this world bring pleasure to the five senses, but they only offer pleasure for a little while, unless there is a deep and abiding connection to the ultimate Source of All creation and indeed, it is creation.

I used to wonder what it truly meant to be made in the image of God. In a sense, I think now, that I could say it better by saying we are created in the image of the Ultimate Creator. We were created to create, and this world, this universe, is our art studio, our playground.


When we fixate on obtaining the pleasures of this world because we desire the power and honor they bring, we will still eventually feel empty inside, as if there is something missing. Because we have learned to love the creation more than the Creator. We have become disconnected from the Source of our very own beings.

When this disconnection continues to grow, the lusts (desires to obtain more of whatever it is that brings momentary satisfaction), greed (the unrelenting desire to have control, power and domination) and the fears that accompany greed tend to grow and grow until the world is filled with confusion and violence.


However, when we focus on a deep inner relationship (not adherence to a set of religious rules and theological dogma that condescendingly condemns anyone with a differing viewpoint) with the ultimate Source of All that is, our infinite Creator, when we seek to be aligned with the Way, we develop a sense of wonder (see Psalms 8) amazement, gratefulness, appreciation, value, joy, fun, harmony, patience and peace.

Our praise, verbal, mental and emotional appreciation and adoration bring abundance into our lives. This connection to the life-giving Source of All of creation, the realization of WHO and WHAT we really are, is the only thing that can set us free from the illusions and lies that keep us running around trying to obtain what we already have.


Jesus said that those who believed his words and adhered to him were his disciples (followers, students, friends). He said that believing his words and following his words would open his students’ understanding to the truth and that the knowledge of this truth would set them free. To be set free is to be rescued, to be rescued means to be saved, but saved from what?



Lies and illusions bring bondage.

What lies?  How about this one? “You’re not ________enough.” You can fill in the blank. Or this one, “God won’t accept you because______________.” Or “You are a mistake.” or “You’re not deserving.” or “You are unworthy.”  or this one, “You’re not acceptable to God, unless you meet these conditions.”

And what illusions?

We needed to be rescued from the illusion that this reality is all that there is. Or, “You’ll be better if….” or “You’ll be happy if….” or “You need that person in your life because….”

But Jesus said, “If anyone loves me, he/she will keep my word (follow my teachings). My Father (eternal Source, Abba/All-Providing, ever-loving Papa or Daddy) will love him, and we will come to him and make our home with him.” Wow! That’s a pretty great promise.

And the words of Jesus were instructions on how to walk in the Way, the inexhaustible divine goodness of the Creator.

There is no lack in the Kingdom of God but the Kingdom of God, the Way, is not the Way of this world. The Eternal Way supersedes finite manifestations of bondage. Therefore, just as artists manifest creations out of the abundance of their ideas, so too, should the pleasures of this life be manifestations out of the abundance of our connection to our creator.

Again, I say, The Lord (Jehovah, the Self-Existent Eternal One) is my shepherd; I shall not want (lack). He maketh (causes me, permits me, leads me to) lie down (rest) in green pastures (tender grass, the choiciest homes, places): he leadeth (guides) me beside the still (peaceful) waters.” * Psalms 23:1-2


*all words in parenthesis are taken from Strong’s Concordance to clarify ancient morphology in modern terminology. 







Not of this world Aliens Traveling Through

My aunt tells me that I am an alien because I carry a gene for being Rh-. I tell her that she’s right. I am an alien, but it’s got nothing to do with blood type.

This body that I’m in is merely the vehicle that I travel in while I’m here. It’s like Iron Man’s suit. It allows me to interact with the physical world. I’m actually an energy being, and I came from another realm, an energy realm.


So, you could say that I’m an eternal spirit being who is having a temporary physical experience. It’s like I’m on vacation here and I came to visit the pyramid, and whether you realize it or not, so did you.  The problem is that after we’ve been here awhile, we get culturally acclimated and forget who we truly are. Our GPS goes offline, apparently.

Visiting the pyramid Visiting the pyramid.

Now about this pyramid that we’re experiencing while we’re here, at the base, you have the need to feed yourself, for finding shelter and water.

As you move up the pyramid you discover that you have the need for companionship, connection to others, a sense of belonging and a need for acceptance and to feel loved.

At the tip top of the pyramid is a need for purpose. It’s where you live your life as if why you’re here is clear to you, and you feel that the essence of who you are is being actualized. You begin to realize that you are not the vehicle that you’re traveling in. The goal in this life is to get to the top of the pyramid and remember WHO WE ARE.


If I asked you, “Who are you?” You might reply by telling me your name, but if I called you something else, would you continue to exist as yourself? Of course, you would. You still exist regardless of what I call you.

If I asked you who you are and you say, “I’m Fred’s wife?” Then if Fred leaves you, do you cease to exist? No. You would continue to exist.

Who you are is not somebody’s spouse or mother or girlfriend, husband, brother, father etc. These things may be a part of your existence, but who you are is an eternal and mighty spiritual being, not some title that you were assigned when you were born into this world.


Wayne Dyer said that the telling question of a person’s life is found in their relationship to the Infinite Source of All, God. Until you have a relationship with the Infinite Source of All you will not know anything about purpose, and you will not know who you are. You will not realize why you are here.

So, I could say that my relationship to the divine defines who I am and yours determines who you are. Paul said, “Know you not that you are the temple of the Holy Spirit?” The essence of the Almighty is traveling around in our little bodies.

Jesus once said, “God’s kingdom is coming, but not in a way that you will be able to see with your eyes. 21 People will not say, ‘Look, here it is!’ or, ‘There it is!’ because God’s kingdom is withinyou.” Luke 17:20-21 NCV

Since the Kingdom of God or the Spirit Realm is within us then through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.”

And again, Jesus says, “For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith.” Mark 11:23

It is from the world within that the world without is created. The Apostle Paul tells us to set our affections on the eternal things rather than temporal things. Why?

Because–temporal things owe their existence to eternal things. All things that are manifested in this physical realm must first be called into existence in the spiritual realm. So, how do you do that? Call those things that are not as though they were?

ASK and it is GIVEN.

You do it by asking, then appreciating that the thing you asked for is already given. Jesus said, “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” (Matthew 7:7)

What should we ask for and how do we do it?

Jesus gave us a good model:

  1. Our Father in Heaven hallowed be your name–be appreciative.
  2. your kingdom come–the kingdom of God is within me, and I operate based on the laws of the spiritual universe.
  3. your will be done on earth as it is in heaven—I will be in alignment with your Way. I will trust you with all my heart and not adjust my behavior and attitudes to match those of the prevailing societal illusions around me, but rather turn them in the path of peace. I will seek peace and ensue it. And you will direct my steps.
  4. Give me this day my daily bread—thank you for meeting all my needs, according to your great riches in glory. You do exceedingly abundantly above my wildest dreams through your power that works within me.
  5. forgive me for my trespasses–thank you for not holding anything against me.
  6. as I forgive those who trespass against me–I release any resentment that I may have towards anyone and realize that there are no justified resentments. I do not hold anything against anyone.
  7. lead me not into temptation–do not let me go inward, where I focus on the illusion of lack, trying to solve things on my own and “fix” them based on my own limited knowledge. Keep me from self-sabotage, and do not let me listen to those who have not received the revelation that you desire us to live peaceful, joyful, and abundant lives.
  8. Deliver me from evil–rescue me from harmful traps, ill-will, hurt, and degeneracy.
  9. for yours is the kingdom–your mighty reality, realm, that I’m living in.
  10. and the power–your miraculous force, abundant ability, strength flowing through me.
  11. and the glory–dignity, honor
  12. forever–perpetually without end.
  13. Amen–Surely.


People focus on the treasures of this physical reality but it’s in the realm of the Spirit where the true treasures lie. For the things which are visible are not made of the things which we can see or experience with our five senses.

We, because we contain the essence or spirit of God, can literally call those things that are not as though they were.  The key is to do with while maintaining the joyous state we would feel if we saw them right in front of us. That’s what “faith” is, rejoicing the moment you ask for a thing as if though you’re already experiencing it.


Knowing that while we are currently experiencing this world, in it, but not of it, that we are spiritual beings having physical experiences, why would we ever fear lack? Why would we ever fear death? Knowing the truth of who we are frees us from the limiting laws of the physical reality.

I am remembering stories from the Bible now and in light of this current understanding, they all make sense. Of course, Jesus calmed the sea. He wielded a higher power. Of course, an earthquake freed Paul and Silas from prison. The power of appreciation and praise sets the laws of the spiritual universe into motion. No wonder Jehosophat won a battle through praise alone! Praise, appreciation for the goodness of God, literally turns the tide in our favor. Everything works out when we go forth with praise and appreciation or as it says in the Tao Te Ching, verse 4, “…Within it (the divine Way) the sharp edges become smooth; the twisted knots loosen; the sun is softened by a cloud; the dust settles into place…”

The laws of this physical universe are subject to the laws of the spiritual universe and all things in this life are temporal, yet we are eternal. We are loved. We operate on a higher plane of existence. No wonder Paul said, “Do not be conformed to the pattern of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Romans 12:2.

Renew your mind. Be born again so that you may perceive, understand and experience the Kingdom of God, the abundant, divine, and eternal realm of existence.






I Shall Not Want

The Lord is My Shepherd. I shall not want.

Ever desireless one can see mystery.

ever desiring, one sees only the manifestations.

And the mystery itself is the doorway to all understanding.

Dyer, Wayne W.. Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life (p. 2). Hay House. Kindle Edition.

Ever desireless.

Desire means, according to the Oxford Languages Dictionary, “a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen.” Or if used as a verb it means, “to strongly wish for or want for something.”

People do a lot of things out of desire or a sense of lack, a sense of something missing. On one hand they may steal, kill, cheat, lie, control, manipulate, and so forth. On the other, they may work hard, strive, try, reach for, set goals, etc. These later things are highly valued un Western society but in the striving we shut off the important avenue of allowing.

Now, if a person is desiring a thing to happen, that means it hasn’t happened yet. If you are desiring a person or a thing that means you don’t have that person or thing in the precise present moment.

Not desiring, wanting, feeling need or lack, allows you to really “see.” Being ever mindful of a “desire” limits a person to the present version of reality. It hampers the manifestation of Divine provision in that person’s life. By doggedly holding on to your own anticipated outcome, you are not open to allowing God’s amazing one to surprise you, to bring wonder and serendipity to your life.

You don’t have to have it all figured out!

If you go outside to feed your cat and your cat is already there, you don’t need to look for him or call him. He’s already there. To call for a pet to come in that is standing right in front of you is a strange thing to do. Jesus once told Thomas (I’m paraphrasing here), “You believe because you have seen, but it’s those who believe without seeing that are truly fortunate.”

Always allowing.

Allow, on the other hand, according to the Oxford Languages Dictionary, means to “give permission to do something” to “give the necessary time or opportunity for.”

Does this mean that you should never act in order to achieve an accomplishment? No. Of course not. I like the way Wayne Dyer sums it all up.

Let the world unfold without always attempting to figure it all out. Let relationships just be, for example, since everything is going to stretch out in Divine order. Don’t try so hard to make something work—simply allow. Don’t always toil at trying to understand your mate, your children, your parents, your boss, or anyone else, because the Tao is working at all times. When expectations are shattered, practice allowing that to be the way it is. Relax, let go, allow, and recognize that some of your desires are about how you think your world should be, rather than how it is in that moment. Become an astute observer . . . judge less and listen more. Take time to open your mind to the fascinating mystery and uncertainty that we all experience. Practice letting go of always naming and labeling.

Dyer, Wayne W.. Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life (p. 5). Hay House. Kindle Edition.

Or in other words, let go and let God. Make your requests known to God, be grateful that all things are working out perfectly for your life, rejoice and go on about your day. The joy is in the journey, not in stressing out about the destination. 

The key is in letting go of the wanting and desiring and needing and sense of lack. There is NO LACK in the Kingdom of God, in the realm of the divine, in glory, in the Spirit Realm.

The Lord is my Shepherd.

I recently looked up every word of the 23rd Psalm in the original Hebrew. Wow, what a powerful message. I simply want to look at the first line of it here.

David wrote,

“The Lord (Jehovah, King of the Universe) is my shepherd (Provider who pastures me) I shall (absolutely, certainly) not want (DESIRE, wish for, lack, need.)

The way of heaven is a realm that you can’t see with your natural eyes. You can only see it through spiritual eyes. That is why Jesus told Nicodemus in the book of John, “…you must be born again.” He said that which is born of flesh is flesh and that which is born of spirit is spirit. You can’t see the wind, but you can hear it. You can see the effects of it.  (See John chapter 3 in the New Testament/Covenant) 

Instead of forcing, allow.

Allow inspired thoughts to come to you and then follow them with joy, trusting that all things are working out for you, that God has your back.

Do it without trying to force your own ideas of the perfect outcome. (Proverbs 14:12)

Do it without trying to make it happen on your timetable. (Ecclesiastes 3:11)

Do it without demanding that other people act like you want them to act. Pray for the eyes of their spiritual understanding to be opened (Ephesians 1: 18-19). Leave them to God. Work out your own path to completeness, wholeness (salvation) with respect, awe and wonder at the exceeding greatness of the mighty spiritual force that is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above and beyond anything you could ever have imagined. Stand in awe at the beauty of Heaven’s unfolding plan. (Philippians 2:12-13 & Ephesians 3:20)

Do it without constantly trying to analyze and figure out everyone else’s issues.

Do it without blaming and shaming.

Do it without a need to prove anything, without ego.

Just allow the Lord to be your shepherd.